Dimitris Papadatos
(b.1981,USA) is a composer, musician and sound artist based in Athens Greece.

The main concern in his work is an apposition of disparate elements that assume a re-appropriation of historically applied methodologies while questioning forms of empowering them.The biggest body of his work reflects issues as copyright, spirituality and originality, undergoing a constant state of transfiguration of its outsourcing.

At the moment he actively runs three projects.
Jay Glass Dubs,  KU and The Hydra

His work has been presented in various international institutions and festivals from documenta14, the Transmediale, the Athens Biennale, the Onassis Cultural Centre and Fasma Festival, to the Athens/Epidaure Festival, Cynetart Festival, Ombre Lunghe Festival, Fraternity Of Sound Festival and the Greek National Theatre.
He has performed in venues and spaces such as Portikus in Frankfurt, Klub Kegelbahn in Lucerne, Departamento in Mexico City, Corsica Studios and Rye Wax in London, Macao in Milan, Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, Bios in Athens, Soup Kitchen in Manchester, Salon Des Amateurs in Dusseldorf , among others while he has recorded broadcasts for stations such as NTS Radio, Rinse FM,  Radar Radio, dublab and Resonance FM.
His music is been featured in various radio shows including BBC Radio 3's Late Junction,
NTS Radio,WFMU, Rinse FM & Rinse France, Resonance FM, Independent Music Podcast, Dublab and Tiny Mix Tapes' Tabs Out Podcast to name a few.
Since 2017 he is resident selector for Noods Radio in Bristol, and LYL Radio in Lyon. 


The Hydra - Febbre Della Baracca (digital, Half Lesbian, 2010)
KU - Feathers (LP, Inner Ear Records, 2013)
The Hydra - On Troubleshooting ( cassette, RLRL, 2014)
Virilio - Signature (12’’, RLRL, 2014)
Jay Glass Dubs - Jay Glass Dubs ( cassette ,Hylé Tapes, 2015)
The Hydra - Morals ( cassette, Nutty Wombat Records, 2015)
Jay Glass Dubs - II ( cassette, THRHNDRSVNTNN, 2016)
The Hydra - Never Sync ( cassette, Infinite Waves, 2016)
The Hydra - Soft Minerals ( cassette, Phinery, 2016)
Jay Glass Dubs - Glacial Dancehall (  cassette, Bokeh Versions, 2016)
Jay Glass Dubs - III ( cassette, Seagrave, 2016)
Jay Glass Dubs - Compound Dub b/w Hyperacousis Dub (12’’, Bokeh Versions, 2016)
Jay Glass Dubs - New Teeth For An Old Country ( cassette ,Bokeh Versions, 2016)
Jay Glass Dubs - Dislocated Folklore ( cassette ,The Tapeworm, 2017)
KU - Ganja (LP, Inner Ear Records, 2017)
The Hydra - Studio Time ( cassette, Feral Tapes, 2017)
Jay Glass Dubs - Endless/Nameless (cassette,anòmia, 2017)
Jay Glass Dubs VS Guerilla Toss - S/T (cassette, DFA Records X Bokeh Versions, 2017 )
Jay Glass Dubs - Dubs ( 2LP, Ecstatic, 2017 )
The Hydra - Scan ( cassette, Speaker Footage, 2017 )
Jay Glass Dubs & Leslie Winer - YMFEES ( EP,Bokeh Versions, 2018 )
V/A - Miro Tape ( Duppy Gun x Bokeh Versions )
Jay Glass Dubs - The Safest Dub ( 12’’ Berceuse Heroique, 2018 )
Jay Glass Dubs X Bokeh Edwards - Earth Two² ( mixtape, Origin Peoples, 2018 )


Jay Glass Dubs - The Honest Dub ( from Mutual Ground II, Honest Electronics, 2018 )
Jay Glass Dubs - Laguna Dub ( from Fundraising Album for Amanda, Baba Yaga's Hut, 2017)
Jay Glass Dubs - Honorary Worm Dub (from A Can Of Worms compilation, The Tapeworm, 2017)
The Hydra - Hipped Knit ( from Spool's Out Vol. 1: n o w > e v e r, Bezirk Tapes, 2017)
The Hydra - Compensated Thinner (from Pill Sessions, Nutty Wombat, 2017)
The Hydra - Sustainable Coaxing (from A.T.S V compilation, Against The Silence, 2016)
The Hydra - Carl Opland Miles Sagan (from "Greek Composers of Electronic Music in Sci Fi Soundscapes, A Man Out Of a Man, 2016)


Voodoo Tapes - The Summoning (Jay Glass Dubs Remix) (Bokeh Versions, 2016)
DRIFT. - Genderland (Jay Glass Dubs Smoke Version) (AVANT! Records, 2017)
Jay Glass Dubs VS Guerilla Toss - S/T (cassette, DFA Records X Bokeh Versions, 2017)
bonebrokk - Choose Ur Illusion (Jay Glass Dubs Version) (Trial & Error, 2017)
Raw Silver - Shark Tattoo (The Hydra Pample Remix) (Speaker Footage, 2016)


Jay Glass Dubs - Thumb Dub b/w Index Dub( 7’’, Dub On Arrival, 2018 )
Jay Glass Dubs ( 12’’, Ecstatic, 2018 )
Jay Glass Dubs ( LP, Bokeh Versions, 2018 )

Performances archive


Jay Glass Dubs live @ The Gathering Festival, Nicosia | 29.06.2018
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Farr Festival, Hertfordshire | 08.07.2018 
Jay Glass Dubs live @ TBA, Bilbao | 12.07.2018
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Cafe OTO, London | 15.07.2018
Jay Glass Dubs live @  TBA, Berlin | 22 08.2018
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Meakusma Festival, Eupen | 07-09.09.2018
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Folk, Gothenburg | 09.2018


Jay Glass Dubs live @ Sameheads, Berlin | 19.05.2018
Jay Glass Dubs live @  Knife In The Water II , Athens | 29.05.2018
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Portikus, Frankfurt | 20.04.2018
Jay Glass Dubs live @ The Temple, Athens | 27.04.2018  w/ DJ Lag
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Kirtimu, Vilnius | 12.04.2018
Jay Glass Dubs live @ XI20, Vilnius | 13.04.2018
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Klub Kegelbahn, Lucerne | 09.03.2018 w/ DJ Lycox, TS Jessica Marnie, zweikommasieben DJs
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Macao, Milan | 17.02.2018 w/ Rian Treanor & Karl D’ Silva, Broshuda, тпсб, Zeemo
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Paloma Bar, Berlin | 01.02.2018 w/ Marta De Pascalis, Heinno Laichtmann, Bokeh Edwards
Jay Glass Dubs live @ TECHNE | NCCA, Moscow | 13.01.2018 w/ Cheb Gero, Ivan Zoloto & more
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Take Five, Bristol | 19.01.2018 w/ Kinlaw, Sunun, Bokeh Edwards
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Off Target | Bello Bar, Dublin | 24.01.2018 w/ Bokeh Edwards, Handpicked Tyrrant
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Rye Wax, London | 25.01.2018 w/ Kinlaw, Sunun, Bokeh Edwards
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Snake Danse, Cambridge | 27.01,2018 w/ Kinlaw, Bokeh Edwards, Filter Dread
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester | 28.01.2018 w/ Bokeh Edwards, L.Pearson, Howes

Jay Glass Dubs live @ FOS Opening Rites | The Temple, Athens | 26.10.2017 w/ Croatian Amor, Puce Mary, Colin Potter, Dead Gum
Jay Glass Dubs live Velvet Room at Bageion :: Trial & Error, Athens | 28.10.2017 w/ Gramrcy, Bonebrokk, Hydroessa
Sun Araw | Jay Glass Dubs | DJ Lurie live at Romantso,Athens | 16.09.2017
Jay Glass Dubs & Larry Gus live @ Open Air Film Festival, Athens | 05.07.2017
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Ombre Lunghe festival, Bologna | 23.06.2017
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Fasma Festival 2017 w/ Perc & Randomer, Pinch and more, Athens | 06.05.2017
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Documenta14 Inauguration party w/ Beatrice Dillon, M.E.S.H, Larry Gus and more, Athens | 08.04.2017
Jay Glass Dubs live w/ Prinzdrum, Primepanzy, Chuck P, Wet N' Groove, Departamento, CDMX | 05.02.2017

Jay Glass Dubs live w/ Clipping. @ Corsica Studios, London | 20.12.2016
Jay Glass Dubs live @ NTS Radio | 16.12.2016
Jay Glass Dubs live w/ Bokeh Edwards & The Grand Inquisitor @ The Old England, Bristol | 16.12.2016
Jay Glass Dubs live w/ Bokeh Edwards @ Noods Radio, Bristol | 17.12.2016
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Benaki Museum, Athens | 04.11.2016
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Telerama Dub Festival, Paris
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Homcore, Athens
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Honest Electronics Festival, Cyprus
The Hydra live @ The RING | NEON Community Projects & Radio Athènes @Cinema Stella, Athens
The Hydra live @ Idryma 2.14, Athens
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Urban Spree, Berlin
The Hydra live @ Affinity Night , HYLE, Athens
The Hydra live @ Romantso, Athens
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Boiler, Athens
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Mo ë, Vienna
The Hydra live @ Boiler, Athens
Dimitris Papadatos live @ Transmediale Festival, HKW, Berlin
The Hydra live @ Phormix Weekend, Astron, Athens
The Hydra live @ Phinery Night, Echo Bücher, Berlin
Jay Glass Dubs live @ Hylé Night, Détail, Paris

Jay Glass Dubs live @ Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf
The Hydra live @ Pseudon Studio, Athens
SUKU live @ InMute Festival 2015, Onnasis Centre, Athens
The Hydra live @ Pythias 30, Athens
Virilio live @ Fasma Festival, Athens

Virilio live @ Empros Theatre, Athens
XLOE live @ Terra Furba Festival, Athens
The Hydra live @ Vinyl Microstore, Athens

KU live @ Gagarin 205, Athens
KU live @ Yuria Festival, Athens
KU live @ P_Public Festival, Chania
KU live @ SIX D.O.G.S, Athens
KU live @ Coo Bar, Salonica
KU live @ Reculture 2 Festival, Patras
KU live @ Teddy Boy, Athens
Virilio live @ Valio's, Athens

XLOE live @ SIX D.O.G.S, Athens
Virilio live @ Yuria Festival, Athens
Virilio live @ Knot Gallery, Athens

Cassettine & KU live @ Bios, Athens
Cassettine and KU live @ Empros Theatre, Athens
Cassettine and KU live @ ORL HQ, Athens
MT DÜ live @ Katarameno Syndromo, Athens

The Hydra live @ Knot Gallery, Athens
MT DÜ live @ Knot Gallery, Athens
MT DÜ live @ SIX D.O.G.S, Athens
MT DÜ live @ Katarameno Syndromo, Athens
KU live @ ORL HQ, Athens
KU live @ Trip Radio, Athens
SUKU live @ Knot Gallery, Athens

KU live @ Kinky Kong, Athens
Dimitris Papadatos live @ Goldsmiths University, UK
The Hydra live @ Athens Biennale ' Heaven', Athens
KULA (Dimitris Papadatos & Panagiotis Melidis) live @ Athens Biennale ' Heaven', Athens
KULA (Dimitris Papadatos & Panagiotis Melidis) live @ Yoga Bala, Athens
DAKULA (Dimitris Papadatos & Panagiotis Melidis & Konstantinos Dagritzikos) live @ Six D.O.G.S, Athens

KU live @ Rodeo club, Athens
KU live @ Rock X 2 tribute festival at The Boy’s apartment, Athens, Greece
The Hydra live @ Ministry of Culture Open Space Project, Athens Greece
La Situation Conga live @ Kinky Kong, Athens
SUKU live @ Kinky Kong, Athens
La Situation Conga live @ Art Athina International Art Fair,Athens
La Situation Conga live @ K44,Athens.Greece

SUKU live @ Gagarin 205, Athens
SUKU live @ An Club, Athens

Dimitris Papadatos live @ Guru Upstair, Athens
KU live @ Guru Upstair , Athens
SUKU live @ Ambientdubwave Festival, Athens
SUKU live @ Indie Free Festival, Athens
SUKU live @ Vinyl Microstore, Athens

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