12.07.2018 > BBK Festival , Bilbao (ES)
15.07.2018 > Cafe OTO, London ( UK )
22.08.2018 > Berlin Atonal , Berlin ( DE )
07.09.2018 > Meakusma Festival, Eupen ( BE )
09.2018 > Folk, Gothenburg ( SE )


Berceuse Heroique
Jay Glass Dubs - The Safest Dub (BH 049)

Imagine the beauty of a peak time Sade production in the days when pop could be massive and inventive with some Sly & Robbie voodoo magic from their 80's pop production. Imagine if the brilliance of an Andrew Weatherall remix in the 90's could meet with the melancholy of Roedelius. Summer is officially here. Deal with it and get loose with this one.

Written, produced and recorded by Dimitris Papadatos, Athens 2018
Mastered & cut by CGB @ D&M


Bokeh Versions X Duppy Gun
V/A - Miro Tape

Not heard since 2016, that Duppy Gun siren sounds again.
Miro Tape is a 50 minute mixtape of twisted dancehall fuego, with the new school microphone talent of Sikka Rymes, I Jahbar, Early One, Lyrical Wiz, Sniper, Buddy Don and Lopo. They clash on riddims from Bokeh Sound (Jay Glass Dubs, Seekersinternational, Abu Ama)
and the Duppy Gun Production House (D/P/I, Butchy Fuego, Big Flyte & Velkro and Ras G.)

Re-configuring dancehall DNA for 7 years now, Duppy has been a huge inspiration since Dayone’s conquering Multiply landed in 2011. Miro is a taste of some collaborative efforts cooking between the two labels. Mixed by Velkro and recorded in Duppy Gun’s newly-built Jamaican HQ (headed by I Jahbar); 80% of the material here is unheard and ready for global release. Founded by Sun Araw and M. Geddes Gengras, Duppy Gun pairs under-cover West Coast producers with Jamaican vocalists like G Sudden, Early One.

In This Time Of Many Dancehall Think-pieces: Live Long And Grow Strong.

Mixed by Velkro

Production by D/P/I, Butchy Fuego, Big Flyte & Velkro, Jay Glass Dubs, Seekersinternational, Abu Ama

Vocals by Sikka Rymes, I Jahbar, Early One, Lyrical Wiz, Sniper, Buddy Don and Lopo

LOVE DI PEOPLE - cakedog version
LOVE DI PEOPLE - sikka rymes feat. john d., prod by D/P/I
MAD - i jahbar & early one, prod by butchy fuego
MAD INNA GORGE version •
LOOK UP - spliftan, prod by jay glass dubs •
LOOK UP version •
BEEKI BOY - i jahbar, prod by big flyte & velkro •
SNIPER RIFLE dubplate- i jahbar, prod by big flyte & velkro •
MONEY WE A PREE dubplate- lyrical wiz, prod by big flyte & velkro •
HUSTLE DI MONEY dubplate- sniper, prod by big flyte & velkro •
SHAKE YUH BODY dubplate - sikka rymes, prod by D/P/I •
SEH DEM BAD dubplate - sikka rymes, prod by D/P/I •
NO QUAIL UP dubplate - buddy don, prod by skrs •
FILET MIGNON - lopo, prod by butchy fuego •
WHEREABOUTS ras g version- lopo
TURN UP - i jahbar, prod by big flyte & velkro •
IPY IPY - i jahbar, prod by big flyte & velkro •
SNAPBACKS - i jahbar, prod by big flyte & velkro •
DEM CAN’T STOP DI YOUTH dubplate - lyrical wiz, prod by abu ama•
NAMEBRAND dubplate - sniper, prod by abu ama•
COPYCAT - i jahbar, prod by big flyte & velkro
LYRICAL ARM - i jahbar, prod by big flyte & velkro



Bokeh Versions
Leslie Winer & Jay Glass Dubs - Y.M.F.E.E.S ( BKV015 )

“Your Mom’s Favourite Eazy-E Song …”

Map references that don’t lead anywhere. “Starfish stories, cybernetics, randomised control trials, the private language argument.” Leslie Winer’s spoken-word waterfalls are a conscious, unconscious, intuitive and informed ordering of lyrical touchstones. Reprinted on the inner sleeves and layered over Jay Glass Dubs’ darkest, dubbest, most urgent scattershot riddims.

The unyielding elegance of YMFEES was built up over email. Jay would send primal skeletal beats that Leslie would return with new text and vocal responses overdubbed. Answer tracks. All orchestration and production was finalized in Jay’s Athens studio in the first months of 2017, after extensive sessions at a small cottage on the Ionian Sea. For Jay Glass Dubs, Leslie Winer’s voice and words worked as a compass to evolve a sound far beyond his initial ferric offerings.

The request-response approach that helped shape YMFEES sonically extends to artist Iris Touliatou’s concretely sensual arrangement for the album’s artwork — illustrating the hypertextual content within an equally hypertextual context.

Leslie Winer recorded the prescient and stealthy influential record ‘Witch’ under the pseudonym © — first released on white label in 1990 London. ‘Witch’ has been re-released in different formats over the years and remains a relatively small but persistent cult classic — championed by other musicians and kept in circulation thanks to the fidelity of DJs like John Peel, Chris Douridas and countable nameless others.

Winer has written and co-written songs for more popular artists (Sinead O’Connor and Grace Jones), collaborated with other outsider artists (C M von Hausswolff, Jon Hassell, Christopher Chaplin, Karl Bonnie) and continues to write, record her own music and live in France. She is also acting co-literary executor for the estate of Beat writer Herbert Huncke.

Athens GR based Jay Glass Dubs, along with Seekersinternational defines the core sound of Bokeh Versions. This is his first vinyl release of fresh material after a 2LP retrospective, ‘Dubs‘, on Not Waving’s Ecstatic Recordings, - his 4th outing for Bokeh overall.

“People differ in an absolutely general way.”

Out on January 19th 2018

Artwork by Iris Touliatou
Vocals and lyrics by Leslie Winer
Production by Jay Glass Dubs

Pre-order via Boomkat.com
Stream / purchase via Bokeh Versions


Ecstatic Recordings
Jay Glass Dubs - Dubs ( ELP032 )

One of the boldest new producers to broach the dub sphere in recent times, Jay Glass Dubs is subject of 'Dubs', a prime “early years” survey of his work, with a range of nods to shoegaze, darkwave synth styles and weightless dynamics. All the material compiled here is available on vinyl for the first time plus one track never released before on any format. Think of it is a set of productions sitting somewhere between Basic Channel, Equiknoxx and HTRK - a proper doozy this one.

Written during what Dimitris Papadatos, aka Jay Glass Dubs, describes as “an adventurous and bold period”, and holding material issued on tape by various labels between 2015-2016, the Dubs compilation frames a singular, stripped down take on classic dub forms, wherein Jay Glass Dubs perceptibly retains the sound’s heavy function and mystic qualities, but subtly updates its palette with a range of nods to a myriad of unexpected, angular styles.

The results form a sort of ghostly, filleted subtraction of classic dub architecture, all plasmic tones and diaphanous, boneless structures buoyed by an often overwhelming, yet somehow intangible bass presence. Beyond the obvious, thematic ligature that connects the material, which was all recorded within a very short period of time, the artist also suggests there is an underlying, encrypted similarity to the material which is “merely apparent to me”, and awaits much closer investigation from keen ears.

From Jay’s eponymous 2015 debut for Hylé tapes, listeners will encounter the heaving smudge of Definition Dub, the serpentine, Coil-like digital delays of Grumpy Dub, and a grime drone drill Depression Dub. Off the II tape for THRHNDRDSVNTNN comes the darkwave synths and militant step of Magazine Dub recalling a gauzier Equiknoxx production, next to the bass-less scudder, Detrimental Dub and the shoegazing bloom of Daria Dub, while his III tape tees up some abyssal highlights in the vertiginous Hilton Dub, the melancholy, Basic Channel-scoped scale of Sieben Dub, and the HTRK-esque starkness of Everlasting Dub.

Exclusive to the set is Perfumed Dub, recorded in 2017 and pointing to vast, layered, atmospheric directions for a timeless project which is only just hitting its stride.’’

81 minute compendium of Jay Glass Dubs’ distinctive, greyscale echo chamber investigations

• Features material from the I, II & III tapes, plus exclusive bonus cut, Perfumed Dub

• Recorded in Athens, Berlin and Paris between 2015-2017. Compiled / sequenced by Alessio Natalizia

• 1st time on vinyl for all the material included

 Cut by CGB @ D&M, Berlin

Grab 2LP via Boomkat.com 

Stream Perfumed Dub



~ Some nice images from my performance for Georgia Sagri's ''Georgia Sagri & I'' exhibition and series of events at Portikus courtesy of Art Viewer are now online, alongside images from the performances by Christos Chondropoulos, Tasos Sagris & Whodoes , minimaximum impro and ofc Georgia's performances.

~ '' Jay Glass Dubs is set to return to Berceuse Heroique - an imprint upon which he has made himself at home as of late. This time he returns with three dubbed out cuts with a somewhat balearic edge.''
‘The Warmest Dub’ second track out of ‘’The Safest Dub’’ 12’’ via Berceuse Heroique premieres on Ransom Note.

~ Hodge, Not Waving and Steve Barker already playing these new tracks out via Berceuse Heroique on their Rinse FM, NTS Radio and BBC Radio Lancashire respectively.

~  The Sweetest Dub first track out of The Safest Dub 12'' out via Berceuse Heroique premiers on Les Yeux Orange

~ Listen back to Jay Glass Dubs take over of Athens Inner City Broadcast on Resonance Extra.

~ Jay Glass Dubs X ΚΕΜΑΛ wax-only set for The Word Radio on the occasion of our participation on Meakusma Festival this fall


Duppy Gun - MIRO TAPE reviewed in Pitchfork.
Also on Daily Bandcamp’s Album Of The Day


20.04.2018, 8pm Jay Glass Dubs live at Portikus Frankfurt for Georgia Sagri's show 'Georgia Sagri and I' opening.
Read more at e-flux

~ New release :

Duppy Gun & Bokeh Versions present :

V/A - Miro Tape

A Duppy Gun X Bokeh Versions collaboration mixtape including riddims by the two labels’ staple producers.
Two riddims by yours truly included.
Ships after April 27th
More soon.



Jay Glass Dubs TP on Berceuse Heroique sounds the sweetest while the Athenian sun hits the windows of BH HQ.
Love to the Giz for this and to CGB @ DM for the cut.
Coming soon.


Shouts to S K Y A P N E A , Wooden Shjips & Danse Noire for playing Leslie Winer & Jay Glass Dubs tracks in their mixes
for NTS Radio and i-D respectively.


A new  mix for Test Pressing now online.
Includes JGD forthcoming on Blackest Ever Black and Berceuse Heroique.


~ Full video of my performance on Macao on the 19th of February shot by the wonderful people of URSSS.com.

~ My mix for Secret Thirteen is now online accompanied with a really nice write-up.



Listen back to a new Jay Glass Dubs guest mix for Hessle Audio’s show on Rinse FM alongside Upsammy.

Big shout to all the people that played my music this past month and especially :

Adventures In Sound And Music hosted by Astrud Steehouder

Not Waving on his latest NTS Radio show

Lætitia Deering on her Dublin Digital Radio show

Jabu on their latest Radar Radio show

Kevin Robinson on his latest Planet Of Sound show

Vladimir Ivkovic on his live set for LYL

Franklin De Costa, Silvia Kastel and Don't DJ on their latest Mother's Finest show for Radar Radio

PEEV on his latest Rinse France show

Low Jack on his Rinse France show with Clara!


Cannibal Radio

Radio Campus Bruxelles 

Cashmere Radio

The Joint Radio Show


Radio Študent 89,3 MHz

Majjem Radio


''An unlikely but spellbinding collaboration...''
Leslie Winer &  Jay Glass Dubs – No Famous Actors out of YMFEES in The Guardian's Best Music of the Month


* '' Leslie Winer and Jay Glass Dubs "YMFEES", on the excellent imprint Bokeh Versions, is a work of euphoric deconstruction, boldly smashing conventional narratives and demanding the listener make their own meaning...''

Daryl Worthington review for Inverted Audio

* Not Waving , Trevor Jackson , Ivan Smagghe & Nathan Gregory Wilkins , Optimo , KO_ _OL, Space Afrika and Tom Ravenscroft played tracks from Y.M.F.E.E.S and ‘Dubs’ in their NTS and BBC Radio 6 Music shows respectively.


Some words written about  Leslie Winer &  Jay Glass Dubs - Y.M.F.E.E.S :

''... The whole thing shivers and smudges as if heard in a fever-dream—the sort where you lose track of time completely.''
Resident Advisor 

* "Amazing record! Avant-pop enigma Leslie Winer slinks the plasmic, recursive matrices of Jay Glass Dubs in a brilliant but unexpected marriage of husky trip hop and psyched-out dub styles"

* “ ...Forget the pretty atmospheres of her 1990 album and project it far, far into the future where everything is controlled by machines and we all live until we’re two hundred. No clue how this one came about but we’re glad for it.''
Bleep on Leslie Winer &  Jay Glass Dubs - Y.M.F.E.E.S

* ''... Like a particularly blunted Robert Ashley piece, its the sort of thing that works best if you just surrender to the unrelenting flow of linguistic signifiers and musical referents.''
Noisey Vice  on Leslie Winer &  Jay Glass Dubs - Y.M.F.E.E.S


‘’...leaves many contemporary  revisionists in dust’’
Thanks to Derek Walmsey for reviewing ‘ Dubs’ and ‘Y.M.F.E.E.S’’ and Chal Ravens for the interview for the Bokeh Versions feature on Feb 2018’s Wire issue.

>> Coucou Chloe and Tom Ravenscroft played 'Woodshedded' out of Leslie Winer & Jay Glass Dubs - Y.M.F.E.E.S via Bokeh Versions on Tom's  BBC Radio 6 Music show. Listen back

>> Jay Glass Dubs for Red Bull Radio Choice Mix invited by Lauren Martin 



Happy new year. Jay Glass Dubs new mix for Fact Magazine now available for streaming.

“... a throwback to some of the artists that influenced the Jay Glass Dubs sound, such as Tricky, Errol Brown and Sly & Robbie, and a document of some of his current musical obsessions, like Pessimist and Novo Line. It also features several Jay Glass Dubs productions alongside his own versions of tracks by Sade and Greek artist Lena Platonos. It’s a perfectly paced selection to ease you gently into 2018. ‘’



* It is a huge pleasure to share the outcome of a very important collaboration in my artistic life.
Singer, poet, artist, and one of the brightest haven's in my musical universe Leslie Winer has made me the honor in working with me in a body of songs. The first installment entitled Y.M.F.E.E.S (aka Your Mom's Favourite Eazy-E Song) will be released January 2018 via mighty Bokeh Versions.
More info on the release soon.
Video by PUNK -

on the 13th day of your 57th year
you will be around 500 thousand hours old
your animal grace
we rolled metal balls
down inclined wooden troughs
how mass is accelerated in a gravitational field
names of the birds
dogs barking down near the graveyard
anyone else from anywhere
i invite him to sit in one of the wing chairs
& the ten thousand things that don’t matter
the pines
solid gold
soften & be merciful
sell the goat
it won’t be this way forever
things i almost miss
ffollow thread
what a life i’ve had up here
impermanent & subject to ceasing
great doubt great awakening
just thoughts just thinking
we had a we had a
we had a dramatic opening
concoction with iodine
concoction with iodine
& potassium perchlorate
the n
ames of the birds

* Boomkat asked for my 2017 End Of Year list so here it is.

* 'Dubs' is positioned on Boomkat’s Top Reissues & Archival releases for 2017

* Joachim Nordwall, Pessimist, Josh from BK, Will from BK and Bokeh Edwards included ‘Dubs’ in their personal Boomkat charts.

* Chal Ravens included ‘Dissapointed Dub’ in her last Top Flight show for 2017 on Red Bull Music Radio.


☻ ''... the most comprehensive introduction yet to Jay Glass Dubs' world—and this is a world you should be getting to know.''  
'Dubs' 2LP via Ecstatic Recordings reviewed on Resident Advisor

‘Dissapointed Dub’ is on this month's The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music Rewind 2017
Invisible Jukebox w/ Ben UFO & Pearson Sound. interviewed by Chal Ravens

☻ Chal also played Detrimental Dub in her latest Top Flight show on Red Bull Radio

☻ Big up to Steve Barker for including Glacial Dancehall on his best of dub 2017 also for
The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music Rewind 2017 issue
☻ Extremely happy to be on Derek Walmsley’s headphones this year.


☻ Not Waving dropped 'Perfumed Dub' on his latest NTS Radio show.

  'Detrimental Dub' emerges on Mixmag's Ice Cold Techno playlist on Spotify.

 'Late Dub' on Illum Sphere's NTS Radio latest show.

'Dubs' in the year's coolest spreadsheet there is aka Sasha Frere-Jones best of 2017 list.

Lauren Martin dropped 'Perfumed Dub' on her host for First Floor on Red Bull Radio. Streaming for the next month.

''Cut super loud across four sides of wax, Dubs follows the raga chatter cut 'n' paste of his Tapeworm session and his Glacial Dancehall mixtape with some of his most sought after tunes.''

Bleep.com on 'Dubs' .

Independent Music Podcast  including 'Magazine Dub' in their latest show.

Awe to Steve Barker for playing 'Definition Dub' on his latest On The Wire show on BBC Radio Lancashire

‘’ The sound on show here doesn’t stray too far from the brilliant pair of glacial dancehall tapes on Bokeh Versions – as with those tapes, the core mission statement is the perforation of classic dub architecture through all manner of bending, diluting and stratifying, the hollow result betraying a complex edifice that’s both esoteric yet easy to grasp. This combination is what contributes in large parts to the allure of all of Papadatos’ productions, but is even more clear here. ‘’

Review for 'Dubs' courtesy of Rewind-Forward.

Sim Hutchins jamming 'TV Do Dub' on his latest show for Lanark Artefax's Radar Radio 24 hr take over .

☻  ‘’ This man has one of the most delicious revisions of the classic dub format I’ve heard in ages - in many ways staying true to the foundation and essence of the music but using a more modern palette that brings it right into the 21st Century and really takes it to another, highly personalised place.’’

Norman Records staff review for 'Dubs' .


Bleep.com dropping 'Versatile Dub' in their latest NTS Radio show

Mr Beatnick jamming 'Can I Get The Real Dub ?' in his latest NTS Radio show 

WNYU Radio 's Jonathan playing 'Can I Get The Real Dub?' in the latest The Afternoon Show 

Lo Kindre including 'Compound Dub' in his awesome spaced out mix for Casi Baile 



Jay Glass Dubs new collaboration track with Delia Gonzalez and Raul de Nieves out today via DFA Records for Delia's new EP 'Hidden Song'.

This take on “Hidden Song” is a long-form journey with live percussion, kick drum, layer upon layer of synths, and mine and Raul's chants and vocals. We went a bit cosmic disco on this one but some disco never hurt anyone.

Other contributors to this EP include a slinky subdued take by Steven Warwick aka PAN recording artist Heatsick , techno reworks by Barker & Baumecker, Bryce Hackford as well as a melodic electro remix by Berlin gallerist / DJ Gigiotto Del Vecchio aka Gigiotto Von Alt ( Supportico Lopez Gallery ).

Buy here



'' ...Papadatos morphs it into various shades of chamber-deep dubwise weirdness – spacey, reverbed to the absolute nines and oozing like molasses. It’s a fresh take on dub music, that’s for sure; the constituent elements are there but the signifiers are emphasised to their absolute extremes – monolithic bass is starkly contrasted with hazy top-lines that shimmer and sink deep into the background. The rough and ready nature likens this far more to the classic engineering of artists like Scientist than the somewhat more clinical contemporary takes on dub music.

This approach is seen most clearly on closer Can I Get The Real Dub, a triple time dread-march with little to it other than an intoxicating rhythm tracks, an electric bass loop and waves of treated vocals that sound like they’re being beamed from the heavens....''

Jay Glass Dubs – Jay Glass Dubs Vs. Guerilla Toss reviewed by Rewind Forward

☻ Lukid played '' Can I Get The Real Dub'' in his latest NTS Radio show.

☻ Brothers From Different Mothers' mastermind Judaah Lesale Son included ''Skull Dub'' in his guest for TECHNOGRAMMA 

☻ Jimmy Tamborello dropped Jay Glass Dubs remix for bonebrokk's ''Choose Ur Illusion'' on his last week's Dying Songs for dublab 

☻ ice_eyes jammed '' Can I Get The Real Dub'' in their Radar Radio guest 

☻ DIET CLINIC and Fantastic Twins playing 'TV Do Dub' in their latest show on NTS Radio 



Against the silence ‘s wonderful write up (in Greek) on Jay Glass Dubs VS Guerilla Toss .

☻ Latete Atoto dropped String Dub in their latest NTS Radio show.

Paranoise Radio included Can I Get The Real Dub? on their October 2017 Airplay 

NatCase  jamming String Dub in her latest Paranoise Radio show.

Kinky Star Radio played TV Do Dub in their latest Urgent.fm show.

☻ Georgios Karamanolakis included Evil Empire Dub -an unreleased Jay Glass Dubs track- on his latest Athens Inner City Broadcast show for Resonance Extra 



''... Setting out his stall immediately in the signature JGD style, he boils the track down to its base elements and explores with deep echoing dubs, reverse symbol work and haunting sustained pianos that intersect with one another without becoming muddy. Garbled vocals interject against whooshing pads and distant horns...''

Jay Glass Dubs version of bonebrokk's 'Choose Ur Illusion' out of his new EP via Trial & Error premieres today on If-Only.

☻ Jack Sapsed played Can I Get The Real Dub out of Jay Glass Dubs VS Guerilla Toss on his latest NTS Radio All Fruits Ripe show.

☻ Love to MELT for featuring Jay Glass Dubs VS Guerilla Toss as their album of the week.



''...Jay Glass Dubs has radically diffused Guerilla Toss' mad energy into something practically unrecognisable, far more elusive here.
Like Mad Professor with Massive Attack or Dennis Bovell with Golden Teacher, the selected song structures of GT Ultra are progressively dissolved and and sublimated in the echo chamber in a woozy declension from the D&B-style intro and thunderous pressure of Skull Dub to the nagging, almost Forest Swords-like plangency and steppers roil of String Dub, then coming to pool in the horizontal scan of TV Do Dub, and letting it all ride out for ten minutes of reclined trip-hop in Can I Get The Real Dub...''

Boomkat review for Jay Glass Dubs VS Guerilla Toss.

☻ Grateful and happy that Tom Ravenscroft played another track out of Jay Glass Dubs VS Guerilla Toss. release via Bokeh Versions X DFA Records. This time 'String Dub' surfaces on his last sit in for The Tom Robinson Show for BBC Radio 6 Music.

☻ Maya Kalev jams Jay Glass Dubs VS Guerilla Toss - Skull Dub in her latest Emotional Lanscapes show on NTS Radio.

☻ Charlie Bones played Jay Glass Dubs VS Guerilla Toss - Skull Dub on October 11th's The Do!!You!!! Breakfast Show on NTS Radio.

☻ Shimmering Moods Records dropped an extract from Jay Glass Dubs- Nameless Dub out via anòmia on their latest Red Light Radio show.

☻ Bandshell included Jay Glass Dubs New Teeth Dub in his mix for Watch The Hype.

☻ Tim Wilson played Jay Glass Dubs VS Guerilla Toss Skull Dub in his 199radio Savage Serenity show.



Jay Glass Dubs live 26.10.2017 for Fraternity of Sound Festival 2017's pre -event after show alongside Croatian Amor, Colin Potter, Puce Mary, Dead Gum. Curated by Coherent States > more

Jay Glass Dubs live 28.10.2017 for Trial & Error night at Bageion, Athens alongside Gramrcy, Bonebrokk and Hydroessa > more

☻ TV Do Dub out of Jay Glass Dubs VS Guerilla Toss via Bokeh Versions X DFA Records premieres on Trevor Jackson's NTS Radio show.

☻ TV Do Dub out of Jay Glass Dubs VS Guerilla Toss via Bokeh Versions X DFA Records on Tom Ravenscroft's BBC Radio 6 Music show.

☻ String Game Dub out of Jay Glass Dubs VS Guerilla Toss via Bokeh Versions X DFA Records premieres on Zam Zam Sounds' show on LYL Radio.

☻ Forthcoming Jay Glass Dubs collaboration emerging in the latest Bokeh Versions' show on NTS Radio.

☻ New radio residency for Jay Glass Dubs on Radar Radio London kicked out this week. Listen to the first episode.

☻ Listen back to Jay Glass Dubs guest mix for Spool's Out show on Resonance 104.4fm playing solely punk and hardcore from Athens and above.



Jay Glass Dubs remix for Drift.'s track 'Genderland' premieres on Ransom Note. Out via Avant! Records.

Jay Glass Dubs VS Guerilla Toss - Skull Dub out via Bokeh Versions & DFA Records is included in Bandcamp's Weekly mix.
Listen here

Jay Glass Dubs - Endless/Nameless CS out via anòmia is positioned in Bandcamp's bestselling charts.



New Limited Edition Jay Glass Dubs apparel available now via Everpress. Buy here.



Sun Araw | Jay Glass Dubs | DJ Lurie live at Romantso Athens, 16.09.2017 > FB event.

☻ Super proud to be featured with a new Jay Glass Dubs track among artists such as Cristian Vogel , Derek Jarman, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, John Butcher, Leslie Winer, Christos Chondropoulos, Acid Fountain, Leif Elggren, Dale Cornish and more for the celebratory 100th release by The Tapeworm.

Pre-order here

''...Coming out last year and made up of two 15 min sides of original productions, Glacial Dancehall sounds exactly how you would imagine. Trip-hop, illbient and steppers influenced instrumental reggae cuts that’ll leave you fiending for more...''
Some very kind words courtesy of Bleep for Jay Glass Dubs - Glacial Dancehall.

☻ New unreleased Jay Glass Dubs track emerging on PRESENTE's guest mix for ZULI's latest
NTS Radio show.



''..For fans of records on the wrong speed, Rhythm & Sound’s slittiest grooves, or DJ Screw, it doesn’t get much more potent than this, a seriously red-eyed stagger thru Jay Glass Dubs’ personal record collection.

Operating at a muggy 60bpm-ish, spotters will definitely have fun attempting to correct the selections for speed in their notebooks, while everyone else is sure to be seduced by the knackered tempo and blunted vibes, allowing for X amounta noise and clag and slurred voices spun out thru the echoplex...''

Boomkat product review for Jay Glass Dubs - Glacial Dancehall's second press edition, out now via Bokeh Versions.



Jay Glass Dubs - Endless / Nameless CS out via Barcelona's anómia in September 2017.

Stream two extracts on the label's Soundcloud page.



☻ Forthcoming Jay Glass Dubs collaboration for Duppy Gun Productions surfaces on Bokeh Versions' July 2017 show on NTS Radio.

Jay Glass Dubs - Magazine Dub on Dale Cornish's show for Moscow's New New World Radio from the 1st of July.

Jay Glass Dubs - Versatile Dub on Baba Yaga's Hut show for Resonance FM from the 23rd of June.

Jay Glass Dubs interview for Paranoise Radio (Greek readers only)

''A modular music that listens to itself...'' The Hydra - Studio Time reviewed by Ian Forsythe for Boston Hassle.

The Hydra - Iris surfaces on Svbterranean Tapes' Diego Innaro's latest show on Rocket Radio.



☻ By popular demand Jay Glass Dubs - Dislocated Folklore out via The Tapeworm has been fully repressed in black shell. Buy here or here until further notice.

☻ French mastermind PEEV included an unreleased Jay Glass Dubs track on his latest 2 hour mix for Trax Magazine.

Jay Glass Dubs' Angry Dub remastered, resurfaces on NOT WAVING's latest show on NTS Radio.



☻ Listen to a Jay Glass Dubs mix for Noisey Italia ahead of Ombre Lunghe festival. Unreleased and forthcoming included. 📡💣⚙️

☻ A nice feature on RIYL on Jay Glass Dubs.



Jay Glass Dubs live on the 23rd of June in Bologna for Ombre Lunghe Festival alongside Pessimist, Dont DJ, Mama Snake, Celestial Trax, Hiele, Donato Epiro, Petit Singe, Merchants, Basses Terres, Red Army Fracture.

Jay Glass Dubs new tee via Everpress. Limited to 50. Get yours now. Get the Trojan pun.



The Hydra - Studio Time new release out today via UK's Feral Tapes.

Two side-long modular synthesizer compositions in the super limited number of 50 pro-duplicated black cassettes with double sided covers designed and letter press printed cover from Bradford's Print Project.
Includes small insert.
Order here.

The Hydra - Compensated Thinner new track out in Nutty Wombat Records ' fresh compilation Pill Sessions.
17 tracks from different artists and styles, in an easily digestible format of 6 color palette flash memory sticks, affecting the listener in various ways.💊

Order here.

Jay Glass Dubs version of Duda Mata's Mundo Muerto surfaces on 28th of May's On The Wire show by Steve Barker for BBC Radio Lancashire.



Jay Glass Dubs guest mix for Body Motion's show on NTS Radio now on the archives. Includes unreleased and forthcoming tracks among others.



Jay Glass Dubs guest mix on Tokyo's dublab.jp with Masaaki Hara, Hi-Ray and 日高健介 and Olivier Ducret of We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records . Broadcasting from Red Bull Studios Tokyo. Listen back here.

Jay Glass Dubs - Compound Dub surfaces in John Eden's mix of deathly dub, soundsystem seagulls and wrong-headed reggae for The Wire Magazine's 400 issues.

☻ Listen back to Jay Glass Dubs - Laguna Dub surfacing on Kevin Robinson's Planet Of Sound show on Rebel Radio.

☻ Listen back to Jay Glass Dubs - Sieben Dub surfacing on Nat Case's Ritual show on Paranoise Radio.

☻ Check out an aftermovie for Jay Glass Dubs performance on Departamento, CDMX back in February.



Jay Glass Dubs live at Fasma Festival 2017 on May 6th.
Full info here.

☻ Listen back to Jay Glass Dubs - Depression Dub resurfacing on Not Waving's latest show for NTS Radio.

Jay Glass Dubs X Aquadab w/ MCA unreleased track surfaces on Bokeh Versions latest show on NTS Radio.

Jay Glass Dubs - Neckless Dub on Resonance Extra's pilot Athens_Inner_City's Broadcast presented and compiled by Georgios Karamanolakis.

☻ Listen/look back to a one hour wax only Jay Glass Dubs DJ set in Athens' Cannibal Radio's premises, invited by Fasma Festival.



☻ On the 8th of April 2017 Jay Glass Dubs played the Documenta14 inauguration party in Athens' marvelous Piraeus 260 space alongside M.E.S.H, Beatrice Dillon, Lamin Fofana, Larry Gus and more.
Thanks to Paolo Thorsen-Nagel for inviting me, Konstantinos Dagritzikos for overlooking the production and of course everyone that attended.
It was unforgettable.

☻ Listen back to Jay Glass Dubs - Neckless Dub out via Bokeh Versions in Sam Hockley-Smith's latest Discreet Music episode for Red Bull Radio.

Jay Glass Dubs apparel available now through Everpress until the 28th of May. Black / Orange / Sand Gray. Order here.



Jay Glass Dubs live tonight at the opening party of Documenta 14.
Secret location, limited capacity.

Jay Glass Dubs forthcoming on Blackest Ever Black on the label's March 2017 show on NTS Radio.



☻ Some nice words for Jay Glass Dubs - Dislocated Folklore on Bleep's digital store.

☻ Listen back to PEEV's show on Rinse France where he spins some new and unreleased Jay Glass Dubs.

☻ Listen back to Jay Glass Dubs - Laguna Dub out of Baba Yaga's Hut fundraising compilation for Amanda Corsica on Kevin Robinson's Planet Of Sound show for Reel Rebels Radio.



Jay Glass Dubs will be playing Fasma Festival 2017 taking place from 4 -7 of May in Athens, Greece.
More details and full line up here.

Baba Yaga's Hut crew put together a fundraising digital compilation in order to help cover the expenses of Corsica Studios' Amanda's treatment for a rare form of Ovarian Cancer.
I had the pleasure to give a new unreleased Jay Glass Dubs track for this great cause.

Buy/ Stream the compilation, or support the fundraising campaign.

☻ Jay Glass Dubs did the soundtrack for the teaser trailer of Digital Naturalism screening programme at Centro de Cultura Digital in CDMX.



Listen back to Garrett Nelson & Dimitris Papadatos: Ontology Of Boring Places or Daffodils in Lisbon a performance that traversed disparate geographies and intimacies and was recorded live for Berlin Community Radio's CDMX residency.



''...His debut for The Tapeworm, Dislocated Folklore is one of Dubs’ dustiest and diffuse transmission; like John T. Gast and Muslimgauze smoked-up and exhaled by Mad Professor in effect, but perfused with an intangible soul of it’s own imagination that’s key to its allure....''
Boomkat review for Jay Glass Dubs - Dislocated Folklore out via The Tapeworm.



Jay Glass Dubs interview for Inverted Audio is now online.
Talked with Daryl Worthington about many things including practice, form and geopolitics.
Read here.

''...you will simply have to imagine what Jay Glass Dubs’ first release of 2017 sounds like, but rest assured that Dislocated Folklore was another fine step forward for the Bokeh Versions-affiliated producer, and the premise was just as fantastic...''
Oli Worwick reviews Jay Glass Dubs - Dislocated Folklore out via The Tapeworm on his February 2017 column for Ransom Note.
Read here.



Jay Glass Dubs - Compound Dub out of New Teeth For An Old Country in dublab's Morpho's Graph Paper Show's best of 2016.



The Hydra is participating with new track, Hipped Knit in Spool's Out Vol. 1: n o w > e v e r compilation, curated by Tristan Bath (The Quietus, Wire, Resonance FM) and released digitally via Berzik.

Stream / buy the full compilation here, or on Boomkat.



Listen back to Jay Glass Dubs X Bokeh Versions take over on Radar Radio from the 15th of January 2017.



WFMU's Daniel Blumin premiered Jay Glass Dubs - Folklore Dub out of Dislocated Folklore for The Tapeworm on his January 13th 2017 show.

Jay Glass Dubs - Compound Dub on Repeater Show on NTS Radio with Lumigraph and Sias.



''... Jay Glass Dubs brand is fully his own and fully realized, and New Teeth For An Old Country is as particular a listening experience as you’re likely to find...'' Review on Cassette Gods.



Proud to announce that from now on Jay Glass Dubs will be represented by Bokeh Versions for all things music and press.



''Mystical and mantric, soporific and vast, monolithic and fathomless, this was dub actively redrawn rather than merely imitated..''
Read Ransom Note's excellent write-up on Jay Glass Dubs - New Teeth For An Old Country on their best of the year 2016 feature.
Jay Glass Dubs x Bokeh Versions mix for Blowing Up The Workshop also gets a honorable mention.



A great review (in greek) for Jay Glass Dubs - New Teeth For An Old Country courtesy of
Against The Silence.



Jay Glass Dubs - New Teeth For An Old Country in Boomkat's Favorite Albums Of 2016 Chart.
Jay Glass Dubs - Late Dub in The Quietus' Tracks of The Year 2016 list charted by Tristan Bath.
Jay Glass Dubs - Compound Dub in The Quietus' Tracks of The Year 2016 list by Russel Cuzner.
Jay Glass Dubs - New Teeth For An Old Country in Music Of Sound's Best Of 2016 list.
Jay Glass Dubs - New Teeth For An Old Country in Aesthetic Complexity's Best Of 2016 list .
Jay Glass Dubs - Compound Dub in Daily Dot 's Best Songs Of 2016 list.



Listen back to Jay Glass Dubs live @ Noods Radio, Bristol from the 18th of December.


Listen back to Jay Glass Dubs live on NTS Radio from the 16th of December.



Jay Glass Dubs - Blackest Dub (unreleased) surfaces on Blackest Ever Black's latest show on NTS Radio.

Jay Glass Dubs - Compound Dub in Baba Yaga's Hut show on Resonance 104.4 fm

Jay Glass Dubs - Double Edge Sword Dub drops in PEEV's latest show on Rinse France.

❧ Listen back to Jay Glass Dubs exclusive mix for Greece's Paranoise Radio.

Jay Glass Dubs - Versatile Dub in Bobby Coltrane's show for Avopolis Radio.

Jay Glass Dubs - New Teeth For An Old Country one more week in CKUT 90.3FM's charts.

Jay Glass Dubs - Compound Dub in D Tiberio & Nosaj Thing 's show on dublab.

Sasha Frere-Jones included both Jay Glass Dubs - III and Jay Glass Dubs - New Teeth For An Old Country in his top 100 of 2016 list. The compilation ''Greek Composers of Electronic Music in Sci-Fi Soundscapes'' ,that I am participating as The Hydra and did the mastering for, appears there as well.

Jay Glass Dubs' mother label Bokeh Versions as well as Phinery that released The Hydra - Soft Minerals CS earlier this year are both included in Tiny Mix Tapes' Favorite Labels of 2016 list.



''...Jay Glass’s widescreen, side-stepping interpretation of dub mixing desk styles championed by the likes of Mad Prof, Adrian Sherwood or Lee Perry pervade whilst the angular, re-shaped rhythms and melodies take it somewhere else yet again...''
Jay Glass Dubs - New Teeth For An Old Country reviewed by Rewind Forward.



Ruined Families’ new album Education is out via Adagio 380. I had the pleasure to participate with some backing vocals in the track Demolition. Streaming in its entirety now via Cvltnation.



''...A fire sprinkler rains naloxone over a defibrillator-paneled dancefloor, spraying liquid opioid blockers between electro pulses....''
Jay Glass Dubs - New Teeth For An Old Country reviewed by Tiny Mix Tapes

❧ If you are in Japan, you can find Jay Glass Dubs - New Teeth For An Old Country on :

Newtone Records

Disc Shop Zero

Naminohana Records

Jetset Records



Jay Glass Dubs - Compound Dub drops in The Oomboi Lauw Show on Red Light Radio from 23.11.2016. 

Jay Glass Dubs - Versatile Dub in Diskotopia w/ Bokeh Versions & Aquadab guest radio show in Red Bull Studios, Tokyo from 24.11.2016 

Jay Glass Dubs - Double Edge Sword Dub in The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music 's show on Resonance 104.4 fm selected by Shane Woolman from 24.11.2016.

Jay Glass Dubs - Compound Dub in The Rodney Show on Bristol's Noods Radio.

Jay Glass Dubs - Compound Dub in Hypermedium's show for Paranoise Radio also from 24.11.2016.

All tracks out of New Teeth For An Old Country out via Bokeh Versions



''... バウハウス、ジョイ・ディビジョン、そしてON-Uの遺伝子を受け継ぐダーク・ゴシック・ダブ / バレアリック・ダブ! ...''
Jay Glass Dubs - New Teeth For An Old Country review on Disk Union.

◕ ''...forward thinking dubby wonk...'' Igloo Magazine reviews
Jay Glass Dubs - New Teeth For An Old Country.

Jay Glass Dubs - New Teeth For An Old Country on Canada's CKUT 90.3FM's top airplay last week.

Jay Glass Dubs - Compound Dub and Versatile Dub out of New Teeth For An Old Country surface on this mix by Traktion's Modular Systems

Jay Glass Dubs - Compound Dub on Greece's Paranoise Radio airplay for November 2016

Jay Glass Dubs - Definition Dub from debut on Hylé Tapes surfaces on the label's boss Richard Frances podcast for Single Pattern.



Daryl Worthington aka Beachers aka 1/2 Bezirk Tapes included Jay Glass Dubs - Compound Dub in his November 2016 mix for Bandcloud.

Tabs Out Podcast plays Jay Glass Dubs - Compound Dub out of New Teeth For An Old Country in their latest podcast.

◕ A segment of Jay Glass Dubs forthcoming release on The Tapeworm surfacing exclusively on Katie Gibbons show for 10 Twenty Radio in a mix selected by the label's Philip Marshall on November 6th.

◕ Listen back to Bokeh Versions show on NTS Radio from November 5th with a new Glacial Dancehall- wise track by Jay Glass Dubs forthcoming on the label being hinted.



Baba Yaga's Hut presents:
Clipping. & Jay Glass Dubs @ Corsica Studios, London | 20.12.2016



Listen back to Jay Glass Dubs - Compound Dub dropping in Jimmy Tamborello's Dying Songs show on dublab.
Full stream here.



Jay Glass Dubs - New Teeth For An Old Country is being reviewed by Boomkat and ready to ship. Get it here.

''Intoxicatingly forward, dank dub manoeuvres from Jay Glass Dubs, racking up his 2nd album of 2016 for South London’s excellent Bokeh Versions, who’ve already left us reeling with a series of aces from Abu AMA and Seekersinternational this year.
The title of New Teeth for an Old Country perfectly sums up Jay Glass Dubs approach, which is not so much emperor’s new clothes, as a refinement of vintage styles; sharpening the old vampire’s incisors so he can affectively sustain his nocturnal activities.
It’s hauntologically apt, forming a coming-to-terms with still lingering echoes hungover from his native Greece’s recent past, and also resonating with an all too uncertain, chaotic future thru a blend of over-pronating FX and a most explicit embrace of negative ambient space.
Existing in dub’s most classic/forward paradox it’s gripping yet diffuse stuff, working to heavily hypnotic effect in a way that recalls future-proofed productions from John T. Gast to Muslimgauze.''

◕ Listen back to Jay Glass Dubs - Interlude II / Careless Dub out of New Teeth For An Old Country dropping on this awesome show by Awkward Movements on NTS Radio.

''..one of the leaders of the current crop of exciting experimental dancehall artists doing the rounds.'' Independent Music Podcast being very kind with Jay Glass Dubs in their new podcast. Listen here.

V/A - Greek Composers of Electronic Music in Sci-Fi Soundscapes, a compilation that includes a new specially commissioned track by The Hydra - and I also mastered for tape - is released tomorrow via Man Out of a Man label on limited CS format. There will be an event to support the release, in which I will spin some records of similar references. More info here.



Jay Glass Dubs - Neckless Dub out of New Teeth For An Old Country via Bokeh Versions premieres on Tiny Mix Tapes.



Listen back to Jay Glass Dubs - Dissonant Dub dropping on O. Xander's mix for Rinse France on the 15th of October.



Listen back to Jay Glass Dubs - Hilton Dub, out of III on Rinse France's One More Tune Télérama Dub Festival Special Show from 17.10.2016.



Jay Glass Dubs - Compound Dub first track out of new release on Bokeh Versions, New Teeth For An Old Country, premieres tonight at Ransom Note.

◕ Listen back to Jay Glass Dubs - Sieben Dub dropping on Blackest Ever Black's feat.Ossia show for NTS Radio.



Jay Glass Dubs - Double Edge Sword Dub upcoming on Bokeh Versions premiers in Steve Barker's On The Wire radio show on BBC Radio Lancashire. Stream full show here.



The Jay Glass Dubs trilogy is now complete, and with it, a full circle in the project's life.
It's a new year for JGD and good things will be surfacing soon.
Thanks to Richard at Hylé Tapes , Alexandre at THRHNDRDSVNTNN and Tim & Andy at Seagrave, for giving my music a reel to reel life and helping complete this trilogy.
More tba.



Jay Glass Dubs - Compound Dub / Hyperacusis Dub 12" SOLD OUT AT SOURCE
30 copies. No Previews. No Repress.
The first wave of buyers have already been contacted.



◕  Jay Glass Dubs - Compound Dub out soon via Bokeh Versions featured in BBC Radio 3 's Late Junction show with Nick Luscombe.
Listen to full show here

Jay Glass Dubs - III via Seagrave is SOLD OUT at source - a few copies to be had at ReadyMade Distribution, Berlin shortly

◎ Secret Jay Glass Dubs track drops in this mix by Bokeh Versions on Radar Radio's Bodycount show w/ Sully, Sim Hutchins and Klaar



Jay Glass Dubs x Bokeh Edwards special mix for dublab now on the archives.

Listen / download here



Jay Glass Dubs live at Homcore, Athens | Saturday 01.10.2016



Side B of Jay Glass Dubs - Glacial Dancehall drops in this live tape mix on this week's The Quietus' Spool's Out tape show on Resonance 104.4fm



Listen to a new mix by Jay Glass Dubs commissioned for Mitamine Lab.

More info here



Jay Glass Dubs - III via Seagrave is now SOLD OUT.
There willl be some copies at Ready Made Distribution HQ as well as digital versions on Boomkat.



OUT NOW on pre-order: the third installment in the Jay Glass Dubs series drops on Seagrave.
Tapes ship Sept 30th.



The Farmer by Stathis Apostoloy, a short film that I made the music for, is premiering on 19.09.2016 at Drama International Short Film Festival and again on the 30th of the month at Athens International Film Festival.⌿



Listen back to a new Jay Glass Dubs track Late Dub, from upcoming album, and final installment of the trilogy, III via Seagrave due later this month on this week's The Quietus tape music show Spool's Out, on Resonance 104.4fm.



Listen back to Bokeh Versions' show on NTS Radio from the 10th of September including a new Jay Glass Dubs track out soon via the label.



Listen back to Jay Glass Dubs - Depression Dub in this mix by Riga/Vienna based label Bezirk Tapes for Stroom .



Listen back to Awkward Movements show on NTS Radio including Jay Glass Dubs - Compound Dub out soon via Bokeh Versions.



Jay Glass Dubs - Endless Dub upcoming on anòmia on a new mix by the label's boss Arnau Sala Saez aka Exoteric Continent for RBMA Radio.

Jay Glass Dubs - Compound Dub coming out soon via Bokeh Versions on a new mix by frozen reeds boss Ian Fenton for dublab.



Jay Glass Dubs - Hilton Dub on WUSB 90.1 FM 's Traditional Folk Playlist for the 15th of August.



Listen back to The Hydra's unreleased track Sustainable Coaxing opening Graham Dunning's Fractal Meat On a Spongy Bone show on NTS Radio.



Listen back to Jay Glass Dubs track Left Dub on Tristan Bath's mix for Timelife Methrave on Intergalactic FM.



Listen back to a Hylé Tapes podcast from Pigalle Paris Radio including Definition Dub by Jay Glass Dubs' debut on the label



Aqua Spells, a new album by Raw Silver on Danish imprint Speaker Footage which I mastered a while ago is out today.
Also includes a remix by The Hydra on track 'Shark Tooth'
Stream below.



The Hydra new and unreleased track Sustainable Coaxing out today in this compilation by greek blog Against The Silence.
Stream below.



Listen back to Jay Glass Dubs taking over Bokeh Versions slot on NTS Radio on the 16th of July 2016.



Listen back to Kraak Helder show in Concertzender Nederland including ‘The Secret Violence’ from The Hydra - Soft Minerals tape on Phinery. 



Jay Glass Dubs live at Honest Electronics Festival (The Gathering), Nicosia | July 8th - 9th 2016
Event here.
Tickets pre-sale here.



Reverse Ariadne is a work in ten acts for voice, piano, electronics and various objects. Themed from an old legend of the island the work seizes to a counterfactual reading of traditional and folklore songwriting juxtaposed with scoring practices that could draw reference from the late 70s giallo genre.

Special commission for Tinos Quarry Platform exhibition at Cultural Foundation of Tinos.

1. Reverse Ariadne I
2. Secret
3. From 1 to 3
4. Reverse Ariadne II
5. In the Room
6. From 1 to 8 | Reverse Ariadne III
7. Canon I
8. Moment In Time
9. The Endless Field
10. Canon II | Reverse Ariadne IV

-Every day everyone
carries one by one
a secret only known to the mountain
a difficult uphill
a hidden path
pirates in the port
and no one in the village
The woman knits
the last stronghold
suddenly the tangle detangles
our children prey to the enemy
Seven days the fire burns
Seven ships with black sails
And all that belonged to us
One by one in flames , one by one

7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7
1111111113333333333 1 1 1 7 1111 1 1 1
1 888888888888888888888888888888111
1 4444444 4 11 1 1 1 1 11 1 1
1 3 1 1 1 1 111 1 3 3 3 3 111 1 2 11111

Music and lyrics by Dimitris Papadatos
Arithmetic sequence provided by Alexios Papazacharias

Iris Touliatou: voice, cymbal
Irene Gad-Gat: voice
Katerina Markouizou: voice
Dimitris Papadatos: voice, electronics, piano

The live recording took place in The Room of Komi Tinou, June 2016

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dimitris Papadatos



Participating with a sound piece at this year's Tinos Quarry Platform annual exhibition. More info here



The Hydra live at Athens' underground hellhole Idryma 2.14 on the 3rd of June 2016 with Lucky Ringston and Bill Anagnos.
More info here


The Hydra live at The RING | NEON & Radio Athènes @Cinema Stella, 28th of May 2016.
More info here and here



Listen to Jay Glass Dubs remix on Voodoo Tapes' The Summoning out of his new CS via Bokeh Versions. Cover by yours truly.

Buy here



Jay Glass Dubs will be performing live on Telerama Dub Festival #14 alongside artists such as Lee Scratch Perry, Jahtari with Roger Robinson and more
Info here.



Jay Glass Dubs x Bokeh Edwards mix for Blowing Up The Workshop is now up for stream and grabs.

More info here



Jay Glass Dubs - Glacial Dancehall out via Bokeh Versions reviewed by Rewind Forward.

Listen to the score I am proud to have composed for Florida, a concept fragrance edition by artist Iris Touliatou and perfumer Jahnvi Dameron Nandan in collaboration with Five & Dime.



Recording of The Hydra live at Affinity Night on the 23rd of April 2016, an event celebrating Ben Morea's exhibition 'Quantums' in HYLE

More info here
Some images from the night here



Jay Glass Dubs unreleased track Compound Dub closes this awesome mix by Bokeh Versions on NTS Radio. Listen below.



The Hydra live 23.04.2016 at HYLE for Affinity Night, an event celebrating Ben Morea's exhibition 'Quantums'
More info here



☻ Jay Glass Dubs live at Urban Spree, Berlin | May 28th 2016 for Seagrave Stepdown with :
Best Available Technology
Birdy Earns
Blood Room
Graham Dunning
Nene Hatun

FB event here

☻ Jay Glass Dubs live at Honest Electronics Festival (The Gathering), Nicosia | July 8th - 9th 2016
with :
Graham Dunning (U.K.)
AyGeeTee (U.K.)
Broshuda (De)
Kinlaw (U.K)
Aristodemos (Cy)
Cusack (Cy)
Blood Room (U.K.)
Bokeh Versions (U.K.)
Mohama Tajalof (Cy)
ice_eyes (Gr)
BillyD (Cy)
Fungusroom (Cy)
Argy k (Cy)
oswaldo III (Cy)
Fantis (Cy)
J.Haze (Cy)
Wonderwander (Cy)
m.e.d.o (Cy)

FB event here
Tickets pre-sale here



Jay Glass Dubs - Glacial Dancehall featured on Truants



☻ Jay Glass Dubs - Glacial Dancehall on Independent Music Podcast

☻ Jay Glass Dubs debut out via Hylé Tapes reviewed on Gonzo Circus



The Hydra - Never Sync via Infinite Waves reviewed by Guide Me Little Tape



Jay Glass Dubs - Glacial Dancehall premiere on Resonance Fm's Spool's Out radio show.



Jay Glass Dubs - Glacial Dancehall mixtape on Decoder's Week In Review



☻ Jay Glass Dubs - Glacial Dancehall mixtape via Bokeh Versions is out today and up for pre-orders.

Glacial Dancehall is the slowest dancehall mixtape ever heard. Culled from my private 7” archives, each side figures dancehall mutations, pitched and screwed by Jay Glass Dubs’ hardware acceleration.

Pre-order here

☻ Dust Dub out of Jay Glass Dubs debut on Hylé Tapes aired on Morpho's Graph Paper show on dublab from the 25th of March.



Very proud to have contributed in the soundtrack of the wonderful documentary by Panos Kostouros ''Ilja Finds Home''. The film will premiere at Thessaloniki International Film Festival.
More info here



The Hydra live on Saturday 12.03.2016 at Romantso, Athens.
FB event here



This wonderful release by b.lind and øjeRum, that I mastered a while ago is out today via Oxtail Recordings.



The Hydra- Voices Backtrack from Soft Minerals CS out via Phinery is featured at Morpho's dublab show from the 26th of February.



Magazine Dub out of Jay Glass Dubs - II CS out via THRHNDRDSVNTNN on Trevor Jackson's show on NTS Radio.



Jay Glass Dubs x Right Knider x TheMute x Hellash  live at Boiler Athens
FB event here



Interview for The Formant on the occasion of The Hydra's new CS Never Sync out on Infinite Waves and full stream of the album.



☻ Iris, first track out of new The Hydra instalment Never Sync released on CS by Danish label Infinite Waves on the 29th of February is now streaming on the label's SC.

Pre- order here

☻ Jay Glass Dubs' Double Sun Dub from II CS on THRHNDRDSVNTNN was the closing track at The New Afternoon Show at WNYU Radio on the 22nd of February.



☻ KU - Ganja
New LP
Out 2017
Don't sleep.

☻ Jay Glass Dubs track Profane Dub video out of II directed by Andreas Ragnar Kassapis premiers today on Decoder accompanied with a very nice write up by Dwight Pavlovic.

☻ Depression Dub out of Jay Glass Dubs debut on Hylé Tapes aired on WFMU's Give the Drummer Radio with Sam Segal on Monday.



Jay Glass Dubs is happy to announce that he now belongs in the roster of UK based label Seagrave



Sunday 21.2.2016, at 20:00 Jay Glass Dubs will have the honour to share stage with the awesomeness of Missing Organs and Dino Spiluttini at Mo.ë Vienna.
FB event here



Saturday 6.2.2016 19:30 at Haus der Kulturen der Welt I will present my piece Awkward Silences as part of artist Valentina Karga's performance The Gigantic Jelly Blob for transmediale 2016.
Register here



Distilled out of The Hydra- Morals CS is featured in the latest podcast of Tiny Mix Tapes' Tab's Out show. Listen here or here.



This Thursday 28th of January 2016 The Hydra live with Broshuda, Ondness and MMMOOONNNOOO at Echo Buecher for Phinery and Speaker Footage Label Night.
FB event



Jay Glass Dubs second instalment entitled II is out today via Paris-based imprint THRHNDRDSVNTNN

Buy directly from the label, Clone or Juno



Saturday 6.2 from 19:30 to 22:30 I will be performing my piece ''Awkward Pauses'' specially commissioned for artist Valentina Karga 's performance ''The Gigantic Jelly Blob'' presented at Haus der Kulturen der Welt's K1 building for transmediale 2016



Last night's Spool's Out radio show on Resonance FM was hosting my cassete only mixtape of 80's - 90s Greek underground sounds combined with some newer stuff and some yet unreleased.Listen below.



Tristan Bath's glowing review for his Spool's Out column on The Quietus on The Hydra - Morals CS and The Hydra - Soft Minerals CS can be found here



Jay Glass Dubs debut on Hylé Tapes is now sold out. Thank you all for supporting!



The Hydra - Lamb Claw out of Morals CS on Nutty Wombat Records is included in this great mix by Tristan Bath on his Spool's Out radio show on Resonance 104.4 fm.



Check out Miles Opland aka Bokeh Versions' mix for Kit Records, including Jay Glass Dubs' track Definition Dub among many greats.



Pre-order and stream The Hydra - Soft Minerals CS via Phinery below.

Buy direct from the label, Juno or Beatport



The Hydra - Soft Minerals CS out via Phinery
Pre-orders start tomorrow. Stay tuned.



Jay Glass Dubs is happy to be amongst the selections of Tristan Bath's Spool's Out radio show on Resonance 104.4fm for his 2015 favourite tape releases.



☻ Jay Glass Dubs debut via Hylé Tapes got a really nice write-up by Tristan Bath included in his favourite tape releases of 2015 at his Spool's Out column for The Quietus.

☻ I recently did some mastering work for the B. Lind + Gaapiiiii release on Squiggle Dot for which I am very proud of. It streamed in its entirety on Tiny Mix Tapes.



Check out The Hydra's live set especially performed for Phormix SC. Includes a previously unreleased version of The Hydra's new track ''Voices Backtrack'' included in his Soft Minerals CS to be released via Danish imprint Phinery in early 2016.



Gutter nature and service compartments cut up in pieces.
Striving for a goodnight, gouging the names that you will google next morning.
Morals for the sake of morality and opinions mirroring possessiveness.
Not many things at stake here.
In fact nothing but the time that passes despite us.
A narrow path in ambivalence,that leads to an ocean of clarity.

The Hydra - Morals CS out via Nutty Wombat Records

Artwork by Iris Touliatou.

Stream the album below.

Release gig FB event here.



I had been given the chance to participate on artists' Valentina Karga's and Pieterjan Grandry's project Market For Immaterial Value with a two-hour long piece that I composed especially for their lecture/performance.
The project has been supported by the Vilém Flusser Residency Programme for Artistic Research 2015 and transmediale festival
The first instalment of the project was presented at Cynetart Festival in Dresden and it will be participating in the program of Athens Biennale from the 19th to the 22nd of November 2015. You can find the FB event here.



Jay Glass Dubs is delighted to be on the selections of Spool's Out Radio show on Resonance 104.4fm



Jay Glass Dubs new track Hilton Dub is featured on this awesome compilation by SEAGRAVE



Simon Says gets the Short Movie First Prize at Athens International Film Festival.



SUKU, my duo with artist Georgia Sagri will perform a live soundtrack to James Sibley Watson's 1933 film Lot In Sodom at the Onassis Cultural Center for Inmute Festival 2015 along acts such as Grouper, Maya Dunietz and KTL. More info here.



Jay Glass Dubs s/t debut album out now via Hylé Tapes.

Buy here.
Upcoming gigs: Salon Des Amateurs / Détail



'Simon Says', a film by Nikos Tsemperopoulos that uses KU's song Rubicon plus some
more sounds I especially produced , won the Greeks Of The World award in Short Film
Festival of Drama